The Ultimate guide to Buying Security Screens

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We developed this guide to help you navigate the complicated maze of security screen options and how to ensure they suit your home. When it comes to your family’s safety, it’s important to make educated decisions. When you purchase a security screen door, you aren’t just buying a door, you’re buying the peace of mind that your home is protected – not only when you’re away, but even more importantly, when you and your family are home.

What are the most important features to consider in security screen doors?

You may have found a reputable manufacturer, a helpful dealer and a range of screens that have taken your fancy, but your work still isn’t done.

Hinged, sliding or folding

Choose the best option based on your home and functionality of the space


Make sure that the material inside the frame is durable and easy to see through


Is it a ‘Triple Lock’ that activates three locking points on your security screens door?

Australian Standards

Only look for products that meet or exceed Australian security screen standards

Energy efficiency

Look for WERS certified products to ensure a security screen that meets your energy saving needs

Protection from corrosion

To prevent corrossion, you need to consider the grade of steel or aluminium in your security screen

Custom designs

To achieve the perfect screen selection, custom designs are the best way to ensure the product will suit your home


Ensure that the product you’re purchasing will keep its promises over an extended period of time

How to fit a security door into your lifestyle

While security is an important aspect of your security door purchase, it should also be a purchase that fits into your lifestyle. Some considerations include:

  • The colour
  • Style and practicality
  • Better airflow
  • A clearer view
  • An insect-free space

Where to find professional advice?

If you’re unsure about which options are best for you, talk to the professionals. Amplimesh® are well known in the security screen industry for supplying reliable and quality products that stand the test of time. Visit to find your nearest Ampimesh® authorised dealer to discuss the best option for your situation.

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