Security Checklist to Keep Burglars Out These Holidays

March 28, 2022

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Burglar inside home with no security screen door.

Have you been wondering how to keep burglars out of your house? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Although only 4% of all Australian households experienced an actual or attempted break-in between 2019 and 2020, that’s still 423,900 properties at risk. Moreover, 71% of break-ins occurred at residential locations in 2020, with 62% having property stolen. Even with “unlawful entry with intent” falling by 23% during COVID-19 (the lowest it’s been in 28 years), there were still 238,100 successful household break-ins in 2019-20. And most frightening of all, 2% had contact with their intruder.

A home security checklist ensures your house will stay safe, secure and above all, relaxed while you’re soaking up the rays in a faraway place. Deter theft with our tips on how to deter break-ins with Amplimesh home security.

How to keep burglars out of your house

Keeping your home secure from the outside is your first step to deterring theft. There are various methods to ensure your home is safe and secure. So let’s go through the most critical parts of the home security checklist.

✔ Lock all outside doors, windows and entryways

✔ Lock your external garage or shed with a lock

When it comes to methods to protect your house from theft, locked doors and windows are the most popular option, according to a 2020 study by the University of Sydney.

✔ Lock away your tools and ladders and secure your outdoor bin

✔ Do not leave keys hidden outside the house

Most respondents (59%) believed not leaving spare keys outside would protect their home against burglary.

✔ Advertise your security system (even if you do not have one)

✔ Place motion sensor lights around your front and back yards

Only 32% of households use home security cameras, and 27% use alarm systems.

✔ Lock your external garage or shed with a lock

✔ Install reliable security screen doors and windows. 

54% of respondents saw security screens on doors and windows as essential to protect their homes from theft. To learn more about the options and benefits of quality security screen doors, check out Amplimesh® security doors and screens.

✔ Install automatic timers on lights and TVs and divert your home phone to your mobile

✔ Keep expensive items, such as large TVs and jewellery, out of sight

Avoid showing off to avoid tempting would-be thieves.

✔ Promote your guard dog

While you don’t actually need a guard dog to put up a warning sign, 33% of respondents use dogs or other animals to protect against burglaries. 

Home Security Issues To Avoid

Here’s what professional criminals are looking for in their next target.

✔ Inactivated burglar alarms

✔ Back doors and windows which can easily be smashed or broken down

✔ Mail and newspapers piling up

✔ Vehicles in the driveway

✔ No lights on at night (38% of respondents said leaving the lights protected their home against theft)

✔ Trees and bushes covering windows

✔ Low visibility from the street

✔ Your relationship with the neighbours

Security While On Holiday

It can be tempting to tell every man and his dog about your island getaway but beware! The more people who know about your whereabouts, the higher the risk that someone nefarious will learn you’re not home. 

Who you should tell:

✔ Your neighbours

✔ Your regular deliveries and subscriptions

Who you should not be telling about your holiday plans:

✖ Social Media

✖ Services providers with access to your home

What to do in an emergency?

Although we’re experts in manufacturing and installing security doors and screens, we’re not the people to call in an emergency. If you suspect a break-in or an intruder, stay calm and, if in doubt, call the following numbers:

  • Police Assistance on 131 444 to report a crime that is NOT life-threatening or a time-critical emergency  
  • Triple Zero (000) in an emergency or life-threatening situation
  • Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 to report information about illegal activity, suspicious activity or information which may assist in solving a crime.

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