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16 year SupaScreen warranty
We really thought we would have to sacrifice our view for added security, but with Amplimesh® we have the best of both worlds. We couldn’t be happier.

Lianne, Bendigo VIC


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316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

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Specially tempered Marine Grade Aluminium

Which security screen style is right for you?

SupaScreen® woven mesh or IntrudaGuard® perforated aluminium? Both marine grade security screen styles offer maximum protection against bugs and burglars.


Established in 1965, Amplimesh® security screen doors and windows are Australia’s leading and preferred security solution. They are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also thoroughly tested to meet the highest national standards. Standing up to intruders, bushfires, insects and coastal corrosion is all in a day’s work for your stainless-steel SupaScreen® and aluminium IntrudaGuard®. It’s easy to see why we have successfully serviced over 2 million Australian homes and continue to do so.

Are Security Screens Worth it?

Simply put, if you choose Amplimesh®, yes!. Our certified dealers will give you a free quote and come to your house to measure up, ensuring you get the exactly right, custom fitted security screen doors and windows, unlike do-it-yourself security screens. This service provides you with a 16-year warranty on SupaScreen® and a 10-year warranty on IntrudaGuard®. The best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger to get security that is certified according to Australian national standards. And that is how you install a security screen system that is worth it.

About Amplimesh® Security Screens
for Doors and Windows

The ideal security solution is one that secures both your doors and windows. With Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® you can ensure that every corner of your house is intruder-proof, without missing out on all the essential safety standards. SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® are the signature brands of the Amplimesh® range. Both provide excellent security. long warranty and stylish aesthetics – they just come at different price points. Choose from SupaScreen® our premium solution or IntrudaGuard® for price sensitive applications.

Material: 316 marine grade high tensile stainless-steel
Thickness: 0.8mm high tensile
Aperture size: 1.6mm
Viewing angle: 156°
Airflow: 41%
Warranty: 16 years

Material: 5052 marine grade aluminium alloy
Thickness: 1.2mm
Aperture size: 2mm
Viewing angle: 119°
Airflow: 40%
Warranty: 10 years

Both types of security screens are fitted with long lasting anodised and powder coated Capral Aluminium frames which are oxidisation and corrosion resistant.

Depending on your home requirements your security screen doors can be fitted in sliding, folding or hinged configurations. All three options will equally reduce the risk of break in.

Security window screens present their own necessary considerations. In the event of a fire or home invasion windows need to prove a safe and simple escape solution. Amplimesh® security windows and exit screens are easy to operate and offer a childproof push to open or slide mechanism to suit your needs.

Another genius Amplimesh® product is the privacy screen PrivacyGuard. While the SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screens offer maximum visibility, the privacy screens offer some seclusion from neighbours and onlookers. There are a variety of easy to install solutions available to perfectly match your home and garden, you can choose from a range of colours and slat sizes.

Triple lock doors are the standard when it comes to security. Featuring a one flick operation, all three locking points are activated. This system ensures additional support in the event of break-ins and home invasions.

Tested for their energy efficiency by an Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) accredited organisation, Amplimesh® security screens allow for greater airflow. This reduces the energy footprint in your home because you are able to open your doors and windows and allow for cross flow ventilation. By switching from an air-conditioner to a ceiling fan to assist with ventilation, you can save up to $1 an hour.

Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® are both made using marine grade materials ensuring corrosion resistance. SupaScreen® uses 316 marine grade stainless-steel, and IntrudaGuard® uses 5052 marine grade aluminium, ensuring your security screen doors and windows remain strong and immaculate.

With only minimal maintenance required, SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screen doors and windows offer long-lasting protection. SupaScreen® holds a 16-year warranty and IntrudaGuard® holds a 10-year warranty.


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