Security Testing

Amplimesh® security screens are rigorously tested to ensure they meet Australian and industry standards.

Security Testing

Rigorously tested to ensure they meet Australian and industry standards.

The SupaScreen® 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, StormGuard® ultra-high tensile stainless steel mesh, IntrudaGuard® Aluminium, and PrivacyGuard® are put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they meet both Australian and industry standards. These tests include impact, jemmy, pull, and knife shear tests, which are all carefully designed to evaluate each security product’s inherent strength and structural integrity. By successfully passing these tests, Amplimesh® guarantees that their security products provide reliable protection against potential threats.

The dynamic impact test is designed to simulate the impact caused by an intruder trying to force their way through the screen by kicking,
shoulder-ramming, or other similar methods. The test involves delivering five consecutive 100-joule impacts on the screen, equivalent to the energy generated by an adult male kicking or hitting the screen with a heavy object. By conducting this test, we ensure that our products meet the highest security standards, giving our customers peace of mind that their residential home is well protected.

The Jemmy test is designed to simulate a potential intruder using a lever, such as a large-scale screwdriver, to attempt to pry open the locking and hinge areas of a security door or window screen installation. During this test, a force of up to 450N (45kg) is applied for 20 seconds, above and beyond the strength of many
would-be intruders. This test is a crucial evaluation of the structural integrity of the security product, as it checks whether the locking and hinge mechanisms can withstand substantial pressure and remain secure.

Amplimesh security screens are tested for their material hardness and tensile strength to ensure their effectiveness in preventing intrusion. This is done by subjecting the mesh to a standardised physical cutting attack, determining the resistance level the screens can offer during a real-world intrusion attempt. This testing is crucial in determining the quality and durability of the security screens, making Amplimesh a reliable choice for enhancing the security of your home or business.


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316 Marine Grade
Stainless Steel
(0.8mm high tensile)

5052 Marine Grade
Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium (1.2mm)

Aluminium (7mm)


16 year warranty,

10 year warranty,

7 year warranty,


Viewing Angle

156 Degrees

119 Degrees

Restricted vision mesh


Screen Aperture



4.0mm x 1.0mm


Ventilation – Air Flow





BAL Rating (Bushfire Attack Level)





Fall Prevention Suitable


Cyclonic Region Suitable

Australian Standard AS5039 Approved and Tested

Knife Shear Test Pass

Triple-lock locking system

Impact Resistant

UV Protection

Insect Protection*





Price Range





* Insect or security mesh provides an effective barrier to insects larger than the stated aperture of the mesh. Insects smaller than the stated aperture may not be impeded.

** Bushfire Testing for SupaScreen® (Australian Standard AS3959-2018). SupaScreen® has been independently tested to meet the requirements for BAL-40 (Bushfire Attack Level). When used in bushfire prone areas rated BAL-FZ SupaScreen® must be used in conjunction with a window that has an FRL of at least -/30/- or in accordance with AS1530.8.2.

*** Dependant on mesh used with Diamond Grille.

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