How safe is your home?

March 28, 2022

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The safety of your home is key to your peace of mind and security. For those of us who’ve experienced a home burglary in the past, we know the stress and negative effects that can be caused, beyond just a few stolen possessions. Alongside safety risks such as house fires and storms, burglaries are a common threat to home security. That’s why it’s important to take measures to burglar proof your house by following a few key home safety tips.

1. How to burglar proof your house

Ever wondered how often burglars return to the same home? In many cases, thieves will return to properties that they are familiar with. That’s why taking the right precautions is important to deter unwanted visitors. Here are some burglar proofing ideas that can help:

Lock your doors and windows

Did you know that 66% of home break-ins are due to unlocked doors or windows? That means that two out of three home break-ins can be avoided, simply by learning how to burglar proof your windows and doors. Make sure you secure them whenever you’re asleep or leaving the house ­– particularly in summer, when you’re more likely to have had them open. If your home features security screens by Amplimesh® you can breathe easier thanks to a number of security benefits, including a three-point locking mechanism on all Security Doors as standard.

Store valuables in a safe

While your security screens do a fair amount when it comes to keeping your home safe from intruders, you may have a few special possessions that you’d like to protect more than others. Consider installing a safe for any items that are particularly valuable or significant to you.

Know your neighbours

If your neighbours know who you are, they’ll get used to your routine and be able to spot anything unusual – like suspicious activity or a potential burglar.

Install Amplimesh® security screens

All Amplimesh® products are subjected to rigorous Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003 security testing. This includes various impact tests, jemmy attacks and pull testing to ensure that our security screens maintain their structural integrity. They also undergo a Knife Shear Test that measures the resistance of our security screen mesh against a standardised physical knife attack. The results of these tests confirm that Amplimesh® security screens meet and ­– ­even exceed ­– the Australian standard.


2. How to prepare for a fire

Home fire plans are not just for houses in high-risk, rural suburbs. In fact, more Australians die from house fires than they do from bushfires. There are a number of potential causes of fires at home, with 45% starting from the kitchen. That’s why you should always have a working fire and smoke alarm installed. In addition, consider the following fire safety measures:

Prepare by practising a fire drill

Regardless of where you live, prepare a basic plan and make sure your family knows how to follow it. You’ll want to plan two escape routes as well as a meeting point to gather. Some families also choose to purchase a small home fire extinguisher to prevent flames from growing or to use during an evacuation.

Install emergency exit security screens

One of the best home fire safety measures you can take is installing Amplimesh® security window exit screens. These windows come with an open outward capability or with sliding functionality (depending on the style of window) to allow for an easy exit in the event of an emergency.


3. How to keep safe during a storm

A storm or cyclone can really test your home’s structure and cause a great deal of damage. Follow these helpful tips, particularly if you live in an area where storms occur more commonly.

Secure all doors and windows

During extreme weather such as a storm, it’s important to secure every window and door so that they’re not broken by harsh winds and debris. Keep few extra hardware supplies at hand so that you can board up any potential damage. Security Window Screens can resist glass breakages from flying debris.

Unplug electrical items

While you’re busy ensuring that your doors and windows are safely secured, make sure you also switch off and unplug all electrical items and clear all surfaces. This will limit the chance of breakages that can cause injury as well as a fire from damaged electrical wires. Remember that water and electricity can have disastrous outcomes if they come into contact with one another. Given the amount of water that can enter your home during a storm or flood, it’s better to remain safe by disabling all of your electrical appliances.

Stay in the strongest part of your home.

Do you have a room or area in your home that’s uncluttered and is protected by a strong foundation? In many cases, this room is the bathroom. Store some raincoats and Gumboots in your home in case the storm takes a few days to pass.

By preparing your home for emergencies and introducing similar burglar-proofing measures, you’ll be doing your best to keep your loved ones and your property safe. For security screens that put your safety first, take a look at the Amplimesh® product range or get in contact with a local Amplimesh® authorised dealer.

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