Top 5 Best Security Measures To Install In Your Home

March 23, 2023

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Feeling safe and secure inside your home is something everyone wants. Yet it can be hard to achieve when you see the news discussing unsettling stories or friends who have experienced burglary in their homes. Implementing our top 5 best security measures into your home will protect and deter your home from potential burglars, reassuring you as you are prepared. 


1. Light up the landscape.

A burglar must be discrete and hidden, and installing motion light sensors illuminates their every move, deterring them from entering your home. A motion sensor light triggers a response when motion is detected. They can be installed indoors, on walls, ceilings, and in doorways or outside, on the exterior of buildings and homes. Motion light sensors outweigh the benefits of traditional lighting as they’re cheaper and more energy efficient. Motion light sensors increase the chance residents, neighbours, and passersby would see a would-be thief break into your home. A burglar can’t risk being seen, therefore leaving the house alone. 


A picture of a motion sensor light on the outside of the house to

2. Set up a security system

Security systems have grown in popularity as a strong security measure for homes due to their reliability and preventing crime from happening. Compare the Market (2022) states, “16.4% of Australian homes say they had alarms installed, 13.8% say they have cameras, and 12.4% say they had both alarms and cameras in place.” An advantage to installing security cameras in your home is having access to footage captured by your camera remotely 24/7. Whether you use your phone, laptop, or tablet, you can view your cameras live or download footage onto your devices, allowing homeowners to take action if something isn’t right. 

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3. Install a VPN

Installing a VPN, “Virtual Private Network,” into your home will protect your network connection, preventing your data and private information from being stolen. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity in real-time, working as a filter and turning all your data into unreadable data. Although you can buy free VPNs, we don’t recommend them, as “free” VPN services may sell user data or run ads that could be infected with malware. The average cost for a reliable speed, support and easy-to-set-up VPN is around $5 – $15/ month. It’s important to analyse different VPNs before purchasing to ensure you buy one that best suits your needs and keeps you and your home safe. 


4. Keep your valuables hidden with a safe

Ensuring that your valuables are concealed is a no-brainer regarding security measures. Burglars monitor houses to see if precious items can be seen from the outside. It is essential to keep your valuables hidden, away from the front windows and doors, to eliminate the opportunity for burglars to rob your home. One way to hide your valuables is by installing a safe. If someone breaks into your home, they will have difficulty getting most of your valuable possessions.


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To obstruct the view of on-lookers from outside, PrivacyGuard® restricted vision mesh blocks anyone looking into your home. They will have limited vision while those inside the home will have minimal visual obstruction, allowing you to see what’s going on outside.


All of our door styles shown with our infill PrivacyGuard

5. Secure doors and windows

A study by Drug Use Monitoring in Australia stated a burglar’s most common point/medium of entry was: 

  • Unlocked door (40%)
  • Breaking in through doors/windows (35%)
  • Breaking in through unlocked windows (28%)
  • Breaking locks (20%)
  • Others (15%)

This data highlights the importance of locking entry points into their homes. Amplimesh® products are rigorously tested to ensure that the inherent strength and structural integrity of the manufactured security product are maintained. Examples include: 


Dynamic Impact Test: 

The dynamic impact test was created to imitate an intruder attempting to kick, shoulder or otherwise force their way through the security screen. 

Knife Shear Test:  

The knife shear test was created to imitate an intruder using a knife or other sharp object in an attempt to cut through the security screen.

Jemmy Test: 

The jemmy test was created to imitate an intruder using a levering object, such as a screwdriver, to force their way through the security screen.

Pull Test:

The pull test was created to imitate an intruder attempting to pull out the security screen.

Probe Test: 

The probe test was created to imitate an intruder creating a gap in the security screen and then attempting to get their hand to the lock on the door or window.


Amplimesh believes in securing the main access points of your home without compromising the feeling of fresh air and ventilation, or unobstructed outdoor views. We have a range of applications and security screens to suit your homes specific needs.

Amplimesh has secured more than 2.1 million Australian families over the last 55 years. You can trust our network of local Amplimesh® dealers to secure your windows and doors to ensure you feel safe inside. Get a quote today.



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