Top 5 Home Security Tips For Your Home This Summer

March 28, 2022

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Outside view with Supascreen security windows.

Top 5 Home Security Tips For Your Home This Summer

Home security tips shouldn’t come at the cost of fresh air and a well-insulated house, especially during an Aussie summer where temperatures can soar. Unlike winter, when we’re more inclined to keep our windows closed and heaters on, in summer, we tend to keep our windows open for fresh air and better circulation throughout the home. 

There’s just one problem: open doors and windows are a security risk and pose a problem in terms of security.

While you might think it’s as easy as locking up the house before you leave, our security ideas for your home will help keep you, your family, and your belongings safe this summer, with only minor adjustments to your home.

1. Lock Up and Go

First on our list is less of a home security idea and more of a necessity because frequently, during summer, we often leave doors and windows open or ajar, forgetting to close and lock them later. Even the smallest open window can leave you at risk of a break-in. Your best bet is to close your windows and doors when you leave the house and go to sleep. Better still, lock your doors and windows.

All Amplimesh® products feature a triple lock 3-point locking mechanism with a one-flick operation. The triple lock is one of the critical components of  Amplimesh® security door products and comes standard, providing additional support for potential break inns or home invasions.

2. Staying Cool

Who would have thought home security tips could help you stay cool during summer? Although using air conditioners and fans to cool and circulate air throughout your home is a no-brainer during summer. However, it does come at the cost of a more expensive power bill. Amplimesh® security doors and screens can help you avoid overusing air conditioning and fans around your home.

Depending on the type of existing glazing at your property, Amplimesh® SupaScreen® security products can achieve up to 4 ½ stars for cooling climates, helping you reduce your home’s energy footprint and assisting your home to stay cooler in summer. Our SupaScreen®

Hinged Doors, for example, have the highest Ventilation – Air Flow rating at 41%

3. Clear Your Perimeter

The outside of your property offers plenty of opportunities for would-be burglars who might not be able to enter your home without them. A little snooping can uncover garden tools, ladders and garbage bins which robbers can use to climb into windows and pry open doors. Clearing your perimeter is one of the most crucial home security tips to help mitigate the risk of break-ins.

4. Don’t Advertise Your Belongings.

Regardless of the season, you want to ensure that you don’t leave your belongings within the view of prying eyes. One of the lesser-known home security ideas is preventing your valuables from being seen through the window.

You should safely secure jewellery, laptops, and other valuable items, either in a safe or away from peering eyes. Another thing to consider is that Christmas yields all manner of packaging, which marks the arrival of brand-new goodies ready and waiting for thieves. To keep your belongings safe, dispose of such packaging at your local public garbage drop-off.

5. Invest in Security Screens

Above anything else, security screens on doors and windows are the best anti-intruder solution and quickly the best home security tips we can give you. Unlike your standard timber door or glass window, which intruders can usually get in through, Amplimesh® security screens and doors are tested rigorously against impact and knife shear attacks, protecting your home against even the most dedicated burglars.

Our security screens are the ideal option for your home, not just for their industry-leading security features but for their ability to keep you cool during summer. NSSA Member Strong Ox Security Doors in Melbourne, for example, uses Amplimesh® SupaScreen® Security Screens for their multi-million-dollar villa, situated just meters from the ocean’s edge.

IntrudaGuard® Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for security door and window screens, Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and Intruda

Guard® will meet all your needs. Both offer bug protection, unrestricted airflow, and, most importantly, intruder protection. Where our IntrudaGuard® Sliding Doors differ is the evolutionary bonding process that allows you to secure your doors without unsightly bars and grilles.

Significantly improve the security of your home this summer with Amplimesh® security doors and screens. For more security ideas for your home or a quote on one of our many security doors and screen solutions, get in touch with Amplimesh® today.

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