How window security can deter intruders

March 28, 2022

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Burglar with a facemask trying to break into a door with a crowbar.

Break-ins are typically the result of an open door or window, according to 70% of the prisoners that responded to the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) survey regarding home invasions. 


Nearly a million Australians experienced some kind of household crime between 2020 and 2021, with over 300,000 experiencing an attempted or successful break-in. Although there has been a significant decrease in break-ins from 2008-09, households in the country’s most disadvantaged areas were more likely to experience an attempted break-in than households in the most advantaged areas. Moreover, attempted break-ins were more likely to occur outside capital cities.


Properties with minimal house security – no anti-theft window screen installed, no alarm system – were considered easy targets by 40% of respondents, and another 25% revealed backyards to be a common security oversight among households.


If you want to avoid adding your home to the 113,000 households that had belongings stolen during a break-in, then keep reading to discover how to secure your house better and how to deter intruders with security screen anti-theft windows from Amplimesh®.

Anti-Theft Window Tips

While the figures above are concerning, rest assured that there are ways for you to prepare and protect your home from intruders. Here are a few tips to teach you how to deter home intruders and prevent burglars from entering your home:


  • Lock your windows:
    It might seem obvious, but leaving the window unlocked is like leaving the front door open for an intruder. Simply check your windows before you sleep and leave your home – you won’t regret it.


  • Store your wheelie bins away from the house:
    Burglars will look for any means to leverage themselves to enter a home. Wheelie bins are an effective tool that they can use to stand on and climb into your home, so keep them hidden, especially away from windows.


  • Install an alarm system to your windows:
    The sound of an alarm – or the idea of one – can effectively deter someone from trying to invade. Install them where they can be seen – even the sight of a dummy alarm may be enough to spook an intruder.


  • Direct security cameras to access points of the home:
    Install a camera – or a convincing dummy camera that can deter would-be burglars – to show that your home is under surveillance and that trespassers will be recorded.


  • Illuminate your home at night:
    Thieves don’t like to be seen. Keep your home visible and well-lit to ward off intruders looking to sneak into your home at night.


  • Keep windows visible:
    Prune trees and shrubbery to keep the outside of your house visible so your neighbours can witness and report any suspicious behaviour. 


  • Lock your garage and sheds:
    Crafty burglars will use your ladders and tools to access an entry point. Keep yours locked up for your use only.


SupaScreen® Fixed Anti-Theft Windows

Amplimesh® SupaScreen® fixed security window screens are simple, cost-effective and a sure-fire way to secure your home against intruders. Keep intruders at bay without compromising your view of the outside world. Enjoy peace of mind that all our window security screens are corrosion-resistant and exceed Australian Standards. 


SupaScreen® fixed security window screens offer unparalleled security and comfort for your family thanks to its marine-grade stainless steel mesh construction. SupaScreen® anti-theft windows eliminate the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap-ins to retain the patented “pressure fit” mesh retaining system.


Beyond SupaScreen®, Amplimesh® provides a range of security screen options specifically designed to protect your family from intruders, including insects, while maintaining a stylish appearance for your home.


If SupaScreen® isn’t the anti-theft window screen you’re looking for, check out our other security screen doors and windows to see how they can protect your home in style.

What are the benefits of installing security screens on windows?

Beyond better security, installing security screen mesh to create anti-theft windows has many other benefits. 


Warranty: Amplimesh® offers a 16-year warranty on all SupaScreen® products, a 10-year warranty on all IntrudaGuard® products and a 7-year warranty on all PrivacyGuard® products.


Licensed Amplimesh® Dealers: access to our network of Australian Amplimesh® Dealers for onsite installation by a trained and competent anti-theft window expert.


Security Testing: Amplimesh® SupaScreen® Stainless Steel and IntrudaGuard® Aluminium security products are subjected to a rigorous regime of impact tests, jemmy attacks and pull testing, passing with flying colours.


Window Energy Rating Scheme: Amplimesh® SupaScreen® security products can achieve up to 4 ½ stars for cooling climates, helping reduce your energy footprint and keep you cooler during summer.


Corrosion Resistance: per AS4506 – 2005 – Metal finishing—Thermoset powder coatings, SupaScreen® stainless steel mesh and IntrudaGuard® perforated aluminium are coated with specifically engineered corrosion and moisture-resistant coatings.


Minor Maintenance: thanks to the resistant coating, Amplimesh® security screens require little maintenance, needing only our Organic Security Screen Cleaner or a mild detergent to keep clean every 3 to 4 months. 


Emergency Exit: home window security screens with emergency escape options provide an easy exit for your family. Simply release the escape mechanism, push the security screen frame outward or slide it to the side and step out. Amplimesh® has a variety of window security exit screens so that you can be protected inside your home without feeling trapped.


Cost: The price of security screens is worth the peace of mind. 

Deter Intruders with Amplimesh® 

Amplimesh® security windows are the ideal choice to protect your home, deter intruders and halt household break-ins. Call us to organise your free measure and quote, or check out our complete product range for even more home security options.

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