Teaching Safety & Kid’s Security at Home

April 1, 2022


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Teaching Safety & Kid’s Security at Home

The last thing you want to do is lie awake at night and worry about home security, but life isn’t that simple – just one incident in the news, and your mind runs wild. The thing is, most crime is preventable by simply being aware of your home security and surroundings. Kids don’t think about locking doors as mum or dad will. Their naivety makes them adorable, but kids must learn about home security. So, this is what to teach kids about home security so that everyone can sleep at night.

Kids are scared easily, so let’s avoid frightening them by keeping things light-hearted and age-appropriate. You might even be able to make a game out of teaching safety to kids with some educational children safety activities

To get you started, let’s walk through a few ways you can teach security to kids.

Kid’s Security Starts with Locking Doors & Windows

Parental supervision is a must for young children, though, at some point, children need to learn how to cope unsupervised. A part of that is teaching safety when mum or dad is out of the house. Before you leave the house, go around to each window and door with your child and ask them to lock it. Tell them it’s best to close windows, doors, and security screens when you are out and before bed.

Ensure your windows and doors keep intruders out and deter break-ins by having secure security screens. Security screens are easy for kids to operate as they are much lighter than standard doors or windows. 

Amplimesh® security screens fit various locations, including folding doors to the backyard, sliding windows in bedrooms and bathrooms, hinged security screen doors at the front of the house, or your standard sliding security screen door. Subjected to a rigorous regime of impact tests, jemmy attacks and pull testing, Amplimesh® SupaScreen® Stainless Steel and IntrudaGuard® Aluminium security products are compliant with all Security Testing Standards. So as long as you lock them, no one’s getting inside.

Learn more about how window security can deter intruders.

Keeping a Safety Routine

One of the best ways to form a habit is with repetition. Just as you keep a sleep and hygiene routine, maintain a home security routine to prevent bad habits from forming. Just like adults, kids make mistakes and forget. Keep reminding them, or phrase it differently. 

One sure-fire method to instil kids’ security is by providing examples using their favourite fictional characters to make teaching safety to your child easier to understand. Incorporate their favourite characters, toys, or sport to ensure teaching safety is a fun experience for your children and less of a chore.

You could say something along the lines of:  “We need to help Superman keep the city safe, lets lock the doors and windows to help make his job easier!”

In The Event of an Emergency

As much as we pray they don’t happen, emergencies can happen. Your kid’s security also includes their safety, teaching them how to evacuate the home in an orderly fashion. Teaching safety could consist of fire drills or a list of instructions to follow should the alarm go off.

With a Amplimesh Exist Screen installed, your family can exit quickly and safely as they are designed to be pushed outward or slide open from the inside. Our exit screens also come fitted with a simple to operate and child-friendly push-to-open or slide-to-open mechanism. See how easy it is to escape through the window during an emergency

Home Security Systems

Many homes have home alarm systems and panic buttons. And kids love pushing buttons. Especially ones that make a lot of noise. Do your best to explain that these items are not toys because once they’re at the age to operate your home alarm system safely, they should know how to arm and disarm the alarm or use the panic button. 

You should also have a plan for what to do if the kids are home alone and a method for when they are not alone. Our SupaScreen® fixed security window screen offers a simple and cost-effective solution for keeping intruders at bay. No reminders are needed, and no alarm system is required for unparalleled security and comfort for your family.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information

Your kid’s security isn’t just about home safety. It’s also making them aware of the dangers that strangers may pose. We recommend you remind children not to talk to people they don’t know if a trustworthy adult is not within earshot. 

Tell them not to give out home addresses and phone numbers and not to let strangers into the house. If they think someone is following them or loitering around the house, remind them that they should inform a parent or guardian. 

If you’re using the same key for multiple security doors across your home, teach your child to take care not to lose the house key.

Home Security with Amplimesh®

Teaching safety to kids is about making kids’ security a part of everyday life. If you’re ready to beef up your home security, look no further than Amplimesh® security screens. Made from high-grade aluminium and stainless steel, they’re not only long-lasting, they stand up to all safety tests to ensure you are safe and secure in your home. 

For advice or to get a quote, get in touch with us today.

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