Top 5 tips to improve your home security this summer

March 28, 2022

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While you are more inclined to keep your windows closed and heaters on in winter, you need to keep cool in summer. Naturally, this means that you want to keep our windows open for fresh air and better circulation throughout summer. This does, however, pose a problem in terms of security; with your doors and windows open, you are open to intruders and opportunists. So, what you really need right now is our top five tips to improve your home security this summer. With a few adjustments, you can keep cool and safe at the same time.

Lock Up and Go

During summer, we get into the habit of leaving doors and windows open or ajar, but we may forget to close and lock them later. Even a small open window can leave you at risk of a break-in. Your best bet is to close your windows and doors when you leave the house and when you go to sleep. Better still, lock your doors and windows.

Fans and Air Conditioners

While keeping your doors and windows closed and locked is ideal, you still need to stay cool. Consider using air conditioners and fans to cool and circulate air in the areas of your home which are most hot. For extra cooling, wear cotton clothes, switch to incandescent light bulbs, place a bowl of ice water in front of fans, and keep your blinds closed.

Clear Your Perimeter

The outside of your property is likely peppered with things that may help burglars gain entry to your home. Even if they’re hidden around the back of the property, just a little snooping can uncover garden tools, ladders and garbage bins which can be used to climb into windows and pry open doors. By clearing your perimeter, you can mitigate the risk of break-ins.

Don’t Advertise Your Belongings

Regardless of the season, you want to ensure that you don’t leave your belongings within the view of prying eyes. Jewellery, laptops, and other valuable items should be put away so that they aren’t visible to anyone looking through your windows. Another thing to consider is that Christmas yields all manner of packaging, which marks the arrival of brand-new goodies ready and waiting for thieves. To keep your belongings safe, dispose of such packaging at your local public garbage drop-off.

Invest in Security Screens

Above anything else, security screens on doors and windows are the best anti-intruder solution. Intruders usually get in through doors and windows, so you need high-quality, durable solutions which meet Australian safety standards. Security screens are ideal because they not only allow for optimal security, but they help keep out insects, maintain airflow, you can put them on doors and windows, and you can lock them.

If you’re looking for security door and window screens, Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® will meet all your needs. Both will offer bug protection, unrestricted airflow, and, most importantly, intruder protection. Having passed the shear test, the pull test, the probe test, and the jemmy test, both Amplimesh® security screens meet Australian safety standards and are proven to stand up to criminals. And that’s how to improve your home security this summer! For advice or a quote, get in touch with Amplimesh® today.

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