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How safe is your home?

The safety of your home is key to your peace of mind and security. For those of us who’ve experienced a home burglary in the past, we know the stress and negative effects that can be caused, beyond just a few stolen possessions. Alongside safety risks such as house fires and storms, burglaries are a [...]

Mum’s review

When it comes to the safety of her family, mum always knows best. So we naturally take note when mums review our security screens. We were delighted to see the team at Mum Central fell in love with the Amplimesh security range.   What are mums’ greatest concerns? As Mum Central highlighted, security hasn’t always […]

50 years in the making – How Amplimesh® technology has evolved

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were playing these ads on television screens across Australia. Since then we’re thankful that Amplimesh’s® technology has developed and changed, along with the quality of commercials! Check out two of our older commercials:   Years of research and testing, along with emerging technologies have led Amplimesh® beyond […]

Fire safety and security windows

Amplimesh® security window exit screens provide extra security on windows but can also be opened in an emergency. The slim-line keyless design is available in both our SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screen infills and has a simple but effective child safety opening release that avoids accidental disengagement. In this video, Amplimesh® certified expert, Jack raises two great concerns […]