Amplimesh® Fall Prevention Technology

April 5, 2022

(Australian Standard AS5203-2016)

Amplimesh® Fall Prevention Technology keeping you safe. The National Construction Code requires the protection of window openings in bedrooms that are located within 1700mm of the internal finished floor level and where the external fall externally is greater than 2 meters.

Openings in all other rooms that are located within 895mm of the internal finished floor level and where the fall externally is greater than 4 meters will also need to be protected.

The protection of window opening can be achieved with an Amplimesh® fixed window screen that has been proven to meet the testing requirements of Australian Standard AS5203-2016.

SupaScreen – Folding Doors
SupaScreen – Fixed Windows
SupaScreen – Sliding Windows
SupaScreen – Sliding Doors
SupaScreen – Hinged Doors
IntrudaGuard – Folding Doors
IntrudaGuard – Fixed Windows
IntrudaGuard – Sliding Doors
Intrudaguard – Sliding Windows
IntrudaGuard – Hinged Doors
PrivacyGuard – Sliding Windows
PrivacyGuard – Fixed Windows
PrivacyGuard – Sliding Doors
PrivacyGuard – Folding Doors
PrivacyGuard – Hinged Doors
Diamond Grille – Fixed Windows
Diamond Grille – Sliding Doors
Diamond Grille – Hinged Doors