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Amplimesh® SupaScreen® has the durability of stainless steel with the look and ventilation properties of a flyscreen. Viewing is maximised with a 156° viewing angle that delivers unobstructed outdoor views.

156 degrees angle of view

316 marine grade steel.

Amplimesh® door and window screens have no corrosive screws or components and surpass an 8,000 hour acetic acid salt spray testing milestone, an equivalent of over 25 years of usage.

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Amplimesh Security Screen

Trusted by over 2 million
Australian homes

Tested higher than competitors in single impact performance testing.

Amplimesh® SupaScreen® is a security screen of unrivalled capability, exceeding Australian Standard AS5039-2008 for maximum impact and shear resistance testing to meet the challenges of the harshest Australian environments.

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and accessories

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Let an Amplimesh® expert come to you for a personalised FREE CONSULTATION and QUOTE.

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Your questions answered

Jack, one of our certified Amplimesh® experts, has answered some of the most common questions regarding Amplimesh® security screen products.

Amplimesh® dealers are located in all capital cities and major regional centres through out Australia. Many of our Dealers have showrooms featuring Amplimesh® security products where they can clearly explain and demonstrate the features and benefits of installing an Amplimesh® security product on your home. Visit our Dealer Locator to find your nearest Amplimesh® certified expert.

Yes, Amplimesh® offers a 16 year warranty on all SupaScreen® products and a 10 year warranty on all IntrudaGuard® products. The full terms and conditions of the Amplimesh® SupaScreen® & IntrudaGuard® warranties can be found here.
No not at all. Amplimesh® specialise in non-standard sizes to suit your needs. We can work around your requirements, measuring and manufacturing to make the ideal screen to suit your needs.

Amplimesh® security screens require very minor maintenance. Simply washing the product with a mild detergent and then rinsing off the soap residue from time to time will keep the product looking fantastic for many years and will keep your warranty valid. Frequency of cleaning is largely dependent on the location of the building. In most circumstances cleaning may be carried out every 3-4 months. Products installed close to more severe conditions such as marine or industrial environments should be cleaned more frequently.

Amplimesh® SupaScreen® exclusively uses a fine 0.80mm 316 marine grade stainless steel wire which is of the highest quality and consistency. Compared to a 0.9mm 304 mesh, SupaScreen® is higher in tensile strength at both the commencement and completion of the weaving process. SupaScreen® by Amplimesh® is tested in Australia’s most harshest climates. Whether you want a super strong security screen in the bush or a security screen capable of handling the harsh high salinity environments from directly facing the beach, Amplimesh® security screens will perform exceptionally well and come tested ready to do the job.

Both SupaScreen® stainless steel mesh and IntrudaGuard® perforated aluminium are coated with specifically engineered corrosion and moisture resistant coatings in accordance with AS4506 – 2005 – Metal finishing—Thermoset powder coatings. This finish is available in black only.

Amplimesh® has been protecting Australian families for over 50 years. Our dealer network has installed well over 2 million screens. Australia’s largest and most respected security dealership is backed by Capral Aluminium who have an extensive range of advanced commercial and residential window and door systems developed by one of Australia’s most experienced research and development teams. Capral is Australia’s largest extruder and distributor of aluminium products with five manufacturing sites strategically placed across Australia and has been in the industry for over 80 years.

Whether it be doors or windows, residential or commercial, Amplimesh® security screens will cover both. You will still have access to your operatable windows once installed and all with an Amplimesh® SupaScreen® clear view. We demonstrate how an awning window would operate with one of our screens installed in the following short video.


  1. Make sure your product meets the Australian Standards
    Too often I see people try and save a dollar and end up being burnt by purchasing a sub-standard product that doesn’t meet Australian standards and not offering them the security they had intended. By installing an approved screen by a licensed expert you may be entitled to some home insurance premium deductions from your home insurance provider, saving you money in the longer term.
  2. Buy from a reputable business with an honourable warranty
    Amplimesh® have been in business for over 50 years and provides its customers with a 16 year SupaScreen® or 10 year IntrudaGuard® warranty backed by Capral Aluminium, Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of aluminium products. Your warranty registration can be simply completed on the Amplimesh® website once your installation and payment has been finalised.
  3. Pay for what you need, don’t get caught in the ‘hype’ trap, adhesives or celebrity endorsements, just smart designed products that are built to last.
    Typically over-hyped and over-priced security screens promising the world in performance rarely stack up when it comes to basic design principals for the product being an effective barrier in place between you and a potential intruder. SupaScreen® is retained in a heavy duty security door frame without fixings using a patented pressure process which locks the high tensile mesh securely in place then insulates and isolates both metals from coming into contact with each other, preventing galvanic corrosion occurring which could be a potential cause of product failure, this process has won prestigious design awards. No need for extra aluminium snap ins
In most cases yes, it is a service called ‘keyed alike’ which an Amplimesh® expert can offer.

If you have children or you are looking to apply screens to your entire home, I would recommend installing the SupaScreen® Fire Egress Screen known as SupaScape so you have several potential exit points at your property if you did require them in an emergency. A quick release function on the screen disarms the security screen internally so you can escape through the window. This would be suitable for a children’s bedrooms for example. It is also an extra handy feature if you are trying to access the glass for cleaning purposes.

Video of the SupaScape in action can be found in the following short video:

Yes, we commonly fit pet doors at the customer’s request. They are available in different sizes to suit the size of the animal.

Find more features and options in the Product Builder.

Why choose Amplimesh® SupaScreen®?

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Smart Design

Amplimesh® security screen products are made from 316 marine grade steel, the best corrosion resistant material that adds both safety and style to your home.

50 Years Trusted commercial experience

Expert assistance

With over 50 years commercial experience, Amplimesh® certified experts have been trusted by over two million Australian homes and are ready to help you.

16 years Warranty

Quality guaranteed

Amplimesh® boasts a 16-year industry leading warranty on all hardware components, making it the safest and most reliable choice on the market.

Working with organisations you trust

  • Capral Aluminium
  • Australian Window Assocciation
  • Window Energy Rating Scheme
  • Lockwood
  • National Security Screens Assocciation
Amplimesh Superscreen

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Let an Amplimesh® expert come to you for a personalised FREE CONSULTATION and QUOTE

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