Sliding Security Screen Doors

Sliding Security Doors

A wall of glass and sliding doors is a fantastic way of maximising usable space, creating a seamless transition from interior to exterior, and benefiting from natural light and airflow. Amplimesh® sliding security doors are a stylish approach to securing larger openings leading to outdoor areas and patios, without giving up views, light, or natural airflow.

A patented manufacturing process delivers stylish and elegant sliding security screen doors that can be customised to match your lifestyle, while still being tough and durable. Features appreciated by the more than 2-million Australians who have already chosen Amplimesh® sliding security doors for their homes.

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Our patented ‘pressure fit’ system fixes our SupaScreen® or IntrudaGuard® mesh screens to the heavy-duty aluminium frame without the use of screws, rivets, or other fasteners. This not only ensures you always have a clear view through the screen, it also limits contact between different metals that could cause galvanic corrosion. And Amplimesh® sliding security screen doors are also subjected to extensive testing to confirm that all materials used are able to withstand the harshest of environmental and climatic conditions, backed by multiyear warranties. The toughest of these tests – the acetic acid salt spray test – has demonstrated that Amplimesh® security screens can easily last more than 25 years, without any reduction in benefits and the protection of you and your family.


A tough, dependable security screen door shouldn’t only last a long time, it should also be able to withstand and resist heavy impacts and forced attacks. Amplimesh® sliding security doors meet and exceed a number of critical Australian standards for security doors, from cutting attacks, to high-level pull and impact tests on the screen, the frame, and on locks and hinge areas. Additional testing also ensures that our security screens are able to offer some protection in bushfire and cyclone prone areas, when used in conjunction with the appropriately rated doors and glazing. The high tensile 316 marine grade stainless-steel used in our SupaScreen® mesh is perfect under these conditions, with the 5052 marine grade aluminium alloy used for our IntrudaGuard® mesh still suitable for use in and around Bushfire Attack Levels BAL29. And with apertures of less than 2mm on both screen types, you also benefit from reduced solar heat and UV light, and an extra shield against flying insects*.

*Insect or security mesh provides an effective barrier to insects larger than the stated aperture of the mesh. Insects smaller than the stated aperture may not be impeded.


Whether you choose our SupaScreen® or our IntrudaGuard® sliding security doors, you never need to be concerned about having to settle for security over comfort and style. All Amplimesh® Security Screens are custom made to your exact requirements, from being the exact size needed, to having the frame finished in any shade of Interpon’s environmentally-friendly powder coatings. Because it improves visibility, our mesh screens are always black, but there are many other features of our sliding doors that can be customised to your exact needs. Triple locking mechanism is standard but handle colours can be customised, to adding a pet door for convenience, and a mid-rail for improved visibility. But don’t hesitate to get more details from an Amplimesh® certified expert when they come out for a free measure and quote.

With almost 100 Amplimesh® certified experts across Australia, we’ll be able to help improve the security of your home, without compromising on comfort. Just as we already have for more than two million Australians over the last 50 years. Whether you’re looking for sliding security doors in Hobart or Darwin; from the west coast of Australia to the east coast, and anywhere in between.

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