Hinged Security Screen Doors

Hinged Security Doors

With Amplimesh® hinged security screen doors, securing entrances to your home doesn’t mean limiting the flow of fresh air through your home, or obscuring your views, allowing front door conversations to happen through the screen whilst the door remains locked. Our range of security doors are durable and include multiple high-level security features as standard.

Hinged security doors are a simple, yet highly-effective solution for securing front doors and other traditional, hinge-style doors. Amplimesh® hinged security doors are affordable, customisable, and have been installed in more than 2-million Australian homes over the last 50 years.

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Amplimesh® hinged security screen doors use a heavy-duty aluminium frame, with our patented ‘pressure fit’ system used to fix a high tensile 316 marine grade stainless-steel (SupaScreen®) or 5052 marine grade aluminium alloy (IntrudaGuard®) mesh in place. This prevents galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals coming into contact with each other, while also improving the look of our security doors, with no visible screws or fixings spoiling your view. We wouldn’t be trusted experts in our field if we did not also understand the incredible variations in climatic conditions found across Australia and design our security doors and screens to be able to withstand. Materials used in the design and manufacturing of our door and window screens are subjected to a range of performance test as we strive to make the strongest security screen but also offer longevity, acetic acid salt spray testing which is equivalent to more than 25 years of usage is one of those tests, so you know you and your family will be kept safe and secure by our hinged security doors for many years, no matter where you live.


There are many things you could expect your security screen door to resist, and you can depend on Amplimesh® hinged security doors to meet and exceed all your expectations. From adding an extra layer of UV resistance, to keeping insects out thanks to the small aperture size on screen types offered. Our security screen doors are also subjected to multiple safety and security tests and have been shown to meet or exceed Australian standards for intruder and impact resistance, knife shear tests demonstrating resistance to cutting, and jemmy tests for force applied to hinged areas and the three locking mechanisms. Both our SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® screens are rated for use in bushfire prone areas, with our stainless-steel SupaScreen® also strong enough for use in cyclonic regions. The inclusion of the triple lock as standard ensures your door meets Australian standards for security doors.


Improving the safety and security of your home does not mean having to add unattractive features that don’t match the style of your home. Amplimesh® hinged security doors are not only custom-built for a perfect fit no matter the size of the door frame they’re securing, they are also highly customisable to ensure they also fit your lifestyle and the style of your home. Our screens are always black, but the frame can be powder coated in a wide range of environmentally-friendly Interpon colours, with handles available in four colour finishes. Other customisation features include the addition of a mid-rail, bug strip, pet door, and a hinged door closer to prevent your security door from slamming shut. All of these extra features are optional, and while they don’t add any new levels of security, they can enhance your comfort.

With almost 100 Amplimesh® certified experts across Australia, we’ll be able to help improve the security of your home, without compromising on comfort. Just as we already have for more than two million Australians over the last 50 years. Whether you’re looking for sliding security doors in Hobart or Darwin; from the west coast of Australia to the east coast, and anywhere in between.

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