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The votes are in! With state-of-the-art Amplimesh Security Screen Doors and Window Screens, your home will feel as safe and secure as Parliament House. With customisable colours and finishes, you won’t have to compromise on the style of your home either. So, what are you waiting for?

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Security Hinged Doors

Amplimesh® Amplimesh® Hinged Security Screen Doors offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with clear and unobstructed outdoor views. Keep intruders out and your family safe with our range of durable home security doors.

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Security Sliding Doors

Amplimesh®Amplimesh® Sliding Security Doors are designed to maximise your usable space. Security sliding doors are perfectly suited to protect wider openings like outdoor entertainment areas and backyard patios.

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Security Fixed Window Screens

Amplimesh® Security Fixed Window Screens are the simple, cost effective solution for keeping intruders at bay without compromising that view. All of our window security screens are corrosion resistant and exceed Australian Standards.

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Extra Information

Folding doors are a great way to dress up wider openings to outside areas – especially decks and entertainment areas – without reducing available space. When closed they offer great views of the outdoors, and when opened they turn the outside space into an extension of the interior.

But they can be challenging to secure without the addition of Amplimesh® folding security screen doors. Our SupaScreen® security screen folding doors not only boost the security of your home, they also allow for the free flow of air through your home, without limiting your view at all.

Performance Testing – Single Impact(Australian Standard AS1170.2-2002, Clause 5.3.2)We don’t only subject our Amplimesh® SupaScreen® products to the Australian Standard of being able to withstand five 100 joule impacts, we also ensure they are capable of withstanding a single impact of up to 3,200 joules.

Knife Shear Test(Australian Standard AS5039-2008 & AS5041-2003)

Whether you opt for our SupaScreen® stainless steel security screens or our IntrudaGuard® aluminium security screens, you can rest easy knowing they both pass the knife shear test, which is designed to simulate someone trying to cut their way through the security screen.

Highly Customisable

All Amplimesh® security screens, whether for sliding doors, hinged doors, or folding doors, are all customisable. Choose the colour of the frame and add extras such as a folding door handle to make it easier to open and close without pinching your fingers, and a panel lock for when you only want to open one or two panels.

Comprehensive Warranty

Our SupaScreen® security screens have been subjected to rigorous testing over the years, and thanks to that and the great care we take during manufacturing, they all come with a comprehensive 16-year warranty. The warranty period for IntrudaGuard® products is 10 years.

All Amplimesh® security doors and window screens are manufactured without the use of glue, and with no visible fixings keeping the screens in place. This helps protect against corrosion, and also makes cleaning the screens easier. While our screens don’t require a lot of care, cleaning them every 3-4 months, or 2-4 weeks in harsher environments, will ensure they look as good as the day you installed them for many years. And all that it takes is a soft sponge and some clean water with a small amount of mild detergent. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents and cleaning materials which will damage the surface.

The Australian Capital Territory might not be as big as other states and territories, but we’ve still got you covered with an Amplimesh® certified expert close to Canberra, and other areas including Adelaide, BrisbaneDarwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.