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Beat the heat and Stop the spread with Amplimesh® Fire Attenuation Screens

As property values throughout Australia skyrocket, we are seeing an increasing trend for developers to optimise the size of buildings placed on an allotment. Buildings are being constructed closer together sometimes in very close proximity to boundary lines. This trend towards supersized structures has created challenges for planning organisations and certifications trying to maintain the […]

The Hidden Fix window frame: An architectural finish with high security performance

While secure, security screen windows can often look visually unappealing in high-end architectural applications due to their visible fixings. If you don’t want to compromise on security or design, we have the answer – our Hidden Fix window frame. The new Amplimesh® Hidden Fix window frame was designed to hide all visible fixings, leaving your […]

WA Seniors Card members $400 Safety and Security Rebate

WA Seniors Card members can once again claim a $400 rebate to assist with purchase and installation of home security equipment. Eligible items include home security, fire safety or electrical safety items.  Amplimesh® Security Screens and Doors are an eligible product under this scheme. Western Australian Seniors Card members can now claim up to $400 per household towards the […]

A SupaScreen for Coastal Residences

NSSA Member Strong Ox Security Doors in Melbourne is a long way from Mauritius. So when they were recently contracted to design and manufacture an export screening solution that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but provide world-class cyclonic impact protection to the residents, they knew they were up for the challenge. The scope given […]