Marine Grade Security Screen Doors

Amplimesh® products are extremely durable, however some maintenance is required to preserve the appearance of the product.

Choose Amplimesh® Marine Grade Security Screen Doors

Amplimesh® screen doors are the superior choice when it comes to home security. Because Amplimesh® is a member of the National Security Screen Association, whether you choose SupaScreen® or IntrudaGuard® you are guaranteed a thoroughly tested security screen which meets and even exceeds relevant Australian standards. Marine-grade materials are tested to withstand wet coastal environments to ensure that they continue to serve their purpose without fail. In this instance, the SupaScreen® range is made from 316 marine grade steel, while the IntrudaGuard® range is made from tempered 5052 marine-grade aluminium.

Built to Last

The concentration of chloride in seawater wreaks havoc on any metal exposed to coastal air and sea spray. Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screen doors and windows are durable, easy to clean and offer excellent corrosion resistance because they are made of 316 marine-grade steel and 5052 marine-grade aluminium.

These grades of metal stand up to over 10 000 hours of harsh sea spray; which is known for pitting and crevice corrosion of exposed metal in coastal locations. With regular cleaning every three to four months (or more regularly in direct sea spray), your SupaScreen® warranty will last 16 years and your IntrudaGuard® warranty will last 10 years.

In addition to marine grading, security screen doors and windows are framed with heavy-duty aluminium using Amplimesh® patented Pressure Fit technology. This system eliminates visible screws and rivets, preventing galvanic corrosion which occurs when two different metals are in contact with one another. This further ensures that the high tensile mesh retains its integrity, keeping you and your family safe.

Built to Resist

Along with its marine grading, Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screen doors are tested to withstand a range of Australian security tests. Extensive research and development have ensured that all manner of testing proves the safety, durability and security of our security screens.

In accordance with national standards, the following tests have been conducted:

Security testing – SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screen doors are subjected to pull, jemmy and probe tests to ensure that their integrity and strength are maintained under security risks. Our security screens are extremely resistant to forced entry.

Dynamic impact testing – in addition to the above-mentioned security testing comes another particularly important consideration, the brute force an intruder may employ to force the screen open. This test ensures that a gap of no more than 150mm around the frame can be created.

Knife shear testing – another security risk: that of a sharp knife. One may be fooled into thinking that the SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screens are thin enough to be damaged with a knife, this test, however, proves that even with force, knife strokes will struggle to cut through Amplimesh® screens.

Fall prevention technology testing – when it comes to Amplimesh® security screen windows there is another concern altogether; in the event that you need to make an emergency exit, the window must be easy to operate, childproof and have fall prevention technology. Our windows meet these criteria, preventing a fall upon opening the security screen.

Fire attenuation testing – SupaScreen® Stainless Steel security products have been tested in general accordance with this standard and when exposed to radiant heat transmits 41% of the incident radiant heat flux providing an attenuation level of 59%

Bushfire testing – SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screens have been tested to withstand bushfire conditions. Under ember attack and exposure to direct flame SupaScreen® products achieved a BAL (bushfire attenuation level) of 40. IntrudaGuard® is suitable for areas of BAL of 29.

Cyclonic testing – another important event to prepare for when living at the coast is that of a cyclone. SupaScreen® products have been tested to withstand 4kg timber and 8mm steel ball bearings shot into the screen at 34m/s, making it the ideal protection against flying debris. We also have a commercial series which has been subject to 41m/s.

Built to Fit in

Not only are Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® built to last and withstand all manner of attack, but these security screens are also built to fit perfectly into your home. Our accredited Amplimesh® dealers offer a free quote and measure service, ensuring that your security screen doors and windows fit your home exactly, regardless of oddly shaped or sized doors and windows. In fact, non-standardised sizes are our speciality.

More than the right fit, we also offer custom colour screen door and window frames. While the security screen itself will remain black, you can choose from a range of colours for your frames. In conjunction with Interpon, you can choose any colour powder coating within their range to ensure that your security screen frame matches your home and your taste.

One of the best aesthetic features of Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screens is the fact that they preserve your view of the world from the inside of your home. With their clear view feature, you have viewing angles of 156° on SupaScreen® products and 119° on IntrudaGuard® products, letting light and fresh air in at all times.

Another important detail when it comes to your security screen doors is the choice between sliding doors, hinged doors and folding doors. You can choose the right solution to suit your home and to accommodate the amount of space available in your home.

There are nearly 100 certified Amplimesh® dealers throughout Australia, when you get in contact with us you can be assured that we will secure your home regardless of your location. All the way from the west coast to the east coast, we can fit Australia’s preferred security screen doors and windows to improve your home and your lifestyle.