Keeping Cool This Summer

With people moving towards more sustainable solutions, keeping cool in summer is a challenge. Australian summers veer towards sweltering, but there’s no need to tough it out. Not only are air conditioners expensive to run, but they also increase our carbon footprint; luckily there are other ways to keep cool this summer, and it starts with improving the airflow and ventilation through your homes and offices. Of course, leaving your windows and doors open permanently isn’t an option, but there are ways to ventilate your home without compromising on your security and letting the bugs in.

Maintaining Airflow to Keep Cool

Naturally, one would opt to keep the doors and windows open to allow for the movement of fresh air. However, there are risks associated with open doors and windows, so keeping them open 24/7 may not be an option. By fitting mesh screens on your windows and doors, you can keep your doors and windows open to circulate fresh air through your home and minimise your electrical expenses. Fresh air won’t only replace the recycled air of a conditioner; it will also cut out the need for a fan.

Don’t Compromise on Security

Much of the reason for closing doors and windows relate to security, but it is possible to keep safe and cool at the same time. With security screens, you can keep your doors and windows open without worrying about the safety of your loved ones and your belongings. High-quality security screens on doors and windows will allow for improved airflow while keeping your family safe. The best security screens are made of high-quality metal, have solid frames, and are tested to meet Australian safety standards.

Security screens should pass the following tests:

  • Jemmy test
  • Knife sheer test
  • Probe test
  • Pull test
  • Dynamic impact test


Keep the Bugs at Bay

Keeping your doors and windows open during the summer heat isn’t a possibility if you’re not a fan of bugs. Bugs are deterred by certain candles, incense, and other repellents, but the best way to avoid them is by not allowing them into your home to begin with. Insect screens on your doors and windows will keep insects out of your home while you manage to stay cool. The aperture of the holes in your insect screens need to be small enough that the bugs cannot squeeze through and disturb your peace.

Choosing the Right Screen for Your Doors and Windows

The ideal screens for your doors and windows will offer you the best of everything – they will help you maintain airflow throughout your home, offer tried and tested security, and they keep the bugs out. Amplimesh® screens offer two types of security screens, known as SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard®. Both screens meet Australian Standard AS5041. SupaScreen® offers 41% airflow and ventilation, with 1.6mm aperture holes to keep insects out. IntrudaGuard® offers 40% airflow and ventilation, with 2mm aperture holes.

Get a quote on Amplimesh® SupaScreen® and IntrudaGuard® security screen doors and windows today to keep cool this summer.