Why intruders are targeting your patio doors

Crime and intrusion are a sad reality in Australia and while these offences may appear random to most, there is a calculated method to break ins.

There are many factors that professional intruders look at when determining how easy it will be to break into your home.

Scary, we know. Thankfully this gives you the power to deter burglars from the outset. But what exactly is it that they’re looking for in your house? The answer could be in your patio doors.

Patio doors are the perfect entry out of sight

When intruders are looking for a house to target, they’re thinking about how to get inside, and how to do so inconspicuously.

Professional burglars want to break in and get out unsuspected. If they are out of view from the street or the neighbours’ houses, they are more likely to pass through your home unnoticed.

The best way to deter these unwanted guests from entering from the back or side of your house is to ensure you keep your trees and bushes trimmed, light up the garden and house at night and avoid high front fences. This way, intruders don’t have many hiding places when trying to sneak around to the back door of your home.

Alfresco doors put your valuables on display

Because we want unobstructed views of our backyard, we often opt for glass sliding doors that are easy to see through.

Have you ever considered how much is on display through your alfresco doors – not to mention the strength of your glass? Our living spaces usually possess valuable items that can look like goldmines in the eyes of burglars.

To avoid these break ins, position more valuable items out of view from the patio area. If a burglar cannot see your TV, art or other valuables from this entrance, they’re far less likely to target your home.

Patio doors are often left open in Summer

We lock our doors whenever we leave the house, but what about when we’re home? Perhaps the most frightening scenario is an intruder getting into your home while you or your family are there. Belongings can be replaced but your family’s health and wellbeing cannot.

It is tempting during the warmer months to leave our patio doors open. Who doesn’t love a good afternoon breeze on a sweltering hot day? But the reality is so many breaks ins happen through open doors because they’re so appealingly accessible.

Leaving the back doors open also exposes your family to nasty bugs and pests which is never pleasant. But barricading your family inside isn’t the answer either. Keeping a house cool and ventilated is important particularly during Summer for your comfort and health.

Patio doors are easy to break into

Intruders see patio doors as a weak spot in the home and a great point of entry.

There are a variety of effective methods of getting through these glass doors – using a steel jemmy bar to prise open the door, removing the sliding door completely by lifting it off its rails or simply breaking through the glass.

Some methods are effective and reasonably fast which means that even if your neighbour calls the police, intruders can be in and out by the time they have arrived. What defence do you have against this?

To combat the variety of effective methods of getting through these glass doors – it is important to look at installing an Australian Standards approved security screen.

What can I do to prevent a break in?

The best way to prevent a burglary in your home is to be aware of these methods of attack and reduce the risk wherever you can.

Keeping your property visible, hiding valuables from sight and talking to your neighbours are all great methods of reducing the likelihood of break in but there is one other simple step you can take.

The best way to deter burglars and stop them in their tracks is to install a security screen door. Amplimesh® offers a range to suit a variety of budgets, lifestyles and patio spaces.

With an Amplimesh® security screen, you are purchasing peace of mind for you and your family. As well as preventing unwanted intruders, security screen doors also give you the benefit of better airflow and ventilation for your home, as well as excellent insect protection. In additional to some of the strongest security screens and frames on the market, Amplimesh® security screen doors come standard with a three-point locking system and can be customised in a variety of styles and colours to suit your home.

They’re not only great perimeter protection for your alfresco doors, but in some instances may also reduce your home insurance premiums.

Take a look at the Amplimesh® product builder for all the options available or get in contact with a local Amplimesh® authorised dealer.