Amplimesh® provides security to a much-needed family home

Amplimesh® is no stranger to the show Healthy Homes simply because it’s a cause we’re so passionate about – making Australians safe and healthy in their own homes.

So when we heard Meredith’s story, it really was a no-brainer. After losing her husband and child, Meredith certainly needed a little light in her life and of course to feel like the rest of her family were safe.

That’s why seeing the reaction to her new Amplimesh® IntrudaGuard® product was so worthwhile and reminded us all why we love our jobs in security solutions so very much.

It’s an awesome door

Meredith wasn’t wrong when she exclaimed, “It’s an awesome door!” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. But Meredith was just getting excited about the aesthetics of the door (which we had colour matched to the rest of her home).

What she didn’t realise were all the other benefits that come with Amplimesh’s® IntrudaGuard® security screens.

What makes Amplimesh’s® IntrudaGuard® so “awesome”

As Jack from Amplimesh® so rightfully highlighted, “she can now greet guests at the front door and keep safe and secure at the same time.” Amplimesh® security screens meet all the Australian security standards so she can feel confident in keeping unwanted intruders out of her house.

Not only does it offer good-looking security, but she can let in the fresh air and breathe easy on those warm Summer days without leaving the door open. Who needs to run expensive air conditioners when you can let the outside inside?

IntrudaGuard® will also stand the test of time with the the highest quality aluminium money can buy. Plus, all of our security screens are backed by our 10 year warranty.

Meredith is not alone

Meredith isn’t the only Australian lucky enough to have an Amplimesh® security screen product in their home. Over the last 50 years, we’ve secured over 2 million Australian homes with our security products.

See our product builder to create the perfect security solution for your home.