The Ultimate Guide to Burglar Proofing Your Home

March 27, 2023

A shadow of a burglar breaking into someone's home

In 2021, The Australian Bureau of Statistics stated there were 9,140 victims of robbery recorded in Australia in 2021. 89% of the robbery victims were individuals, with only 11% being organisations. While there was an overall decrease in robberies nationally from 2020, it is important to be prepared in case a theft does occur. Below we will discuss the ultimate guide to burglar-proofing your home to make your home feel safe inside. 


Install a home alarm security system


A home security system is one way to provide you with the peace of mind that your home is secure and burglar-proof. When a home system is armed, it sends an alert to the control panel after a sensor is triggered. The control panel will signal the alarm system to alert the homeowner, notifying them that something has been detected. What’s great about a home alarm security system is you can customise it as much as you’d like, such as adding motion sensors, security cameras, ring doorbells, yard signs and window stickers. A reliable and solid home alarm security system will help deter burglars from considering your home an easy target. 


Don’t advertise when you’re away


Wanting to show off on social media your unforgettable holiday is always fun. However, posting on your social media accounts may alert a thief to a potential burglary opportunity. It’s always exciting when you’re about to leave for holiday. However, it’s important not to broadcast on your social media, “We will be gone!” As you have now made, you’re making your vacant home public knowledge. In addition, posting your exact location to your followers is an easy way for burglars to know when a house is unoccupied. Instead, wait till you arrive home. Posting your pictures when you’re on holiday or back will make no difference online, but it will keep the belongings in your house safer.


a group of people on their phones using social media. You can see all of their notifications.


Befriend your neighbour


Not only does befriending your neighbour help you feel involved and connected in the community, but it is one of the cheaper solutions to burglar-proofing your home. Letting your neighbour know you will be away can allow them to help grab your mail and move your bins to make your home look like you’re still home. Growing a solid relationship with your neighbour to monitor each other’s houses allows both homes to be more secure. 


Get a safe


The idea of purchasing a safe may initially be thought of as a little extreme. However, there are a few reasons why you should consider one. A home safe provides a secure place to store your precious valuables, such as jewellery, documents, and cash. Knowing that your valued items are stored securely gives you peace of mind and a sense of security. Keeping all your precious things in one spot allows you to stay organised and not worry about where they could be or if they’ve been stolen.


Secure your home with Amplimesh®


Inspecting all your doors and windows is crucial to ensuring your home is protected against burglars. Amplimesh® security screens are rigorously tested to ensure they meet Australian and industry standards, such as the knife shear test, the jemmy test, and the dynamic impact test. 


A close up of our sliding doors


Knife shear test:

Security screens are tested for material hardness and tensile strength by subjecting the mesh to a standardised physical cutting attack, which draws a knife over the mesh several times.


Jemmy impact test:

The test simulates an intruder using a lever such as a large-scale industrial screwdriver to try and pry open locking and hinge areas on a security door or window screen installation. The force applied is 450N (45kg) for 20 seconds, above and beyond the strength of many would-be intruders.


Dynamic impact test:

The dynamic impact test was created to imitate an intruder attempting to kick, shoulder or otherwise force their way through the screen. The accepted and standardised test to replicate this is five 100-joule impacts (energy).


Amplimesh® doors also use a triple lock system which locks your door in three points with one flick operation. It provides additional support for potential break-ins or home invasions and is one of the critical components of having a Security Door. Your triple lock comes standard when purchasing one of our Security Doors, keeping your family safe inside.