How to Choose the Right Front Door

July 14, 2023

Family house with Amplimesh security doors

One of the first impressions someone will have when being invited to your home is by looking at your front door. A front door is essential, as it sets the tone for the rest of the house. It can be challenging to decide what front door is best for your home; however, with the help of Amplimesh®, you can ensure your home is stylish and secure.


Why are front doors important in a home?


A front door allows your home to stand out from others and represent your identity. It’s usually the focal point of the exterior, giving visitors an impression of what it’s like inside. Not only can a front door provide a welcoming and comfortable feeling to a house, but it can also make your home rise higher in value. A front door can help welcome visitors, including potential buyers, as it elevates your curb appeal. 


Although most front doors are similar in size and shape, you have control over how much privacy, security, and light you would like permitted into your home. It is important to note that your front door is the first line of defence against an intruder. A strong, solid door is a powerful deterrent, giving your whole home the appearance of being locked down and carefully protected. Installing an Amplimesh® security door keeps intruders out whilst increasing the value of your home with its high-quality finish.


Why should I choose Amplimesh® for my front door:


PrivacyGuard door shown with flowers at the bottom left of photo


There are several reasons why Amplimesh® is a suitable front door choice, including:


Material: Amplimesh® uses high-tensile 316 marine-grade stainless steel exclusively in our SupaScreen® range. This grade of stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the product will look pristine for many years, with minimal maintenance required.


Amplimesh infills that are rigorously tested


Testing: Amplimesh® SupaScreen® 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, IntrudaGuard® Aluminium, and PrivacyGuard® Aluminium security products are subjected to a rigorous regime of impact tests, jemmy tests, pull testing and knife shear tests under this standard to ensure that the inherent strength and structural integrity of the manufactured security product are maintained. Amplimesh SupaScreen®, IntrudaGuard® and PrivacyGuard® products have passed all Australian Standards for security screens.


Reduction in energy consumption: One of the key benefits of installing an Amplimesh® security screen is using it as a cooling tool for your home. Open your doors or windows on the front and back of the property to let the air circulate through your home. The technical term is “Natural cross-flow ventilation”. On average, you can save up to $1.00 an hour by switching off your air conditioner and cooling your home naturally with fresh air and the aiding use of a ceiling fan, not to mention it is better for you.


Custom-made: Amplimesh® security screens are custom-built and made to size. With a selection of hinged, sliding and folding doors in various colours and four screen infills to choose from – SupaScreen®, IntrudaGuard®, PrivacyGuard® and Diamond Grille; you’re sure to find a screen that fits your style and budget.


Maintenance: Amplimesh® security screens require minor maintenance. Simply washing the product with our Organic Security Screen Cleaner or a mild detergent and then rinsing off the soap residue from time to time will keep the product looking fantastic for many years and keep your warranty valid. In most circumstances, cleaning may occur every 3-4 months. 


But it’s not just all about the front door…


Diamond Grille door to the right with the text and amplimesh authorised sticker underneath


Now that you have chosen a new front door to redefine and protect your home’s front facade, it is important to note that other entryway components will also help upgrade your home whilst securing it. Here are some ideas to help enhance your entryway whilst guarding your house.


Motion sensor light: Installing light around and above your entryway will help accent your home’s unique features. Motion sensor lights outshine regular lighting by turning on immediately when someone or something is moving in their detection radius, improving your overall home security. 


Security cameras: Security cameras are another tool to help increase your home’s protection, as they are both a deterrent and a recovery tool. No criminal wants to be seen or recorded. Therefore, installing a security camera can help prevent burglars from trespassing into your home. 


A woman looking at her home security system through her phone


Ring doorbell: If security cameras overwhelm you, ring doorbells allow you to view what’s happening on your front step without having to open the door – or even be home. Ring doorbells are easy to install and provide peace of mind that your home is safe.


With the help of these additional components and an Amplimesh® security front door, you and your family will feel safe inside. So what’s stopping you? Request a quote today!