DIY or BUY? Security Screens

April 12, 2023

Amplimesh fabricator manufacturing our doors

When shopping for security screens, the thought of “Doing it Yourself” (DIY) may come to mind. It can save money and be a way to challenge yourself. But can you actually install a security door yourself or should you leave it to a professional to install it? Below we will discuss the considerations for  DIY versus BUY-ing a security screen.


In Australia, standards must be followed when supplying and installing a legitimate security door or screen product. These include:

  • AS 5039: Security screen doors and security window grilles
  • AS 5040: Installation of security screen doors and window grilles
  • AS 5041: Methods of test – Security screen doors and window grilles


DIY may seem like a good idea but in actual fact it not possible to DIY a security screen, the screen will not meet Australian standards, putting your safety at risk. 


How we can help


Amplimesh® has authorised dealers across Australia, servicing more than two million Australian homes over the last 50 years. Our dealers can guide you through the process of purchasing custom-built and made-to-size security screens and windows, so you can ensure your family is safe with our high-quality products and service. 


  • You deal with experts that have extensive knowledge.
  • The security door is custom-made for precise measurements, matching your personalised home.
  • Your security door will be guaranteed to fit securely, keeping your house safe.
  • Your product is tested and meets Australian security screens and door standards.
  • If, for any reason, there are product defects or it isn’t installed correctly, you’ll be able to get a new product installed.


Amplimesh Supascreen door up close


How do I get a quote?


Amplimesh offers a free measure and quote service through one of our Amplimesh dealers today. You can do this through our dealer locator on our website or by getting a quote form to find out how much it will cost to supply and install your security screens and doors today.