Cyclone Missile Impacts

April 5, 2022

(Australian Standard AS1170.2-2011)

In cyclonic regions glazed windows and doors may need to be protected from flying debris. SupaScreen® Stainless Steel security products have been tested to resist a 4kg, 100mm x 50mm timber travelling at 34m/s fired from an air canon. The screen is then shot an additional five times with 8mm steel ball bearings, shot into the screen at the same speed.

SupaScreen – Folding Doors
SupaScreen – Fixed Windows
SupaScreen – Sliding Windows
SupaScreen – Sliding Doors
SupaScreen – Hinged Doors
IntrudaGuard – Folding Doors
IntrudaGuard – Fixed Windows
IntrudaGuard – Sliding Doors
Intrudaguard – Sliding Windows
IntrudaGuard – Hinged Doors
PrivacyGuard – Sliding Windows
PrivacyGuard – Fixed Windows
PrivacyGuard – Sliding Doors
PrivacyGuard – Folding Doors
PrivacyGuard – Hinged Doors
Diamond Grille – Fixed Windows
Diamond Grille – Sliding Doors
Diamond Grille – Hinged Doors