Privacy Screens



Amplimesh® Privacy Screens are flexible, easy to install and look great. The unique slat stacking system allows for incredible flexibility when customising your space.

Choose from a wide range of materials and finishes like our popular timber slat screen and aluminium frame, or design something unique for your space. Finding a look and feel that suits your home is a breeze.

Multiple slat widths


Amplimesh’s unique Privacy Screen grip-spacers, available in either 10mm or 20mm depths, allow you to securely stack your slat system effortlessly like a grid. They are easily adaptable to accommodate different slat heights, as well as being stackable to provide increased spacings where required.

They conveniently face fill the cavity between the slat and channel, meaning no additional adaptors need to be inserted post project leaving no sneaky spots for spiders to start breeding.

Pole position is enhanced with the Privacy Screen Adaptor Channel allowing you to create corners quickly and easily. You can make a slat fence anywhere, anytime as the adaptor can be fitted to any secure surface such as timber, brickwork and of course aluminium.

Love the aerodynamic look? Select the Privacy Screen Elliptical Louvre Blade to provide your screen with the truly unique look of louvres.

Privacy screen 67mm elliptical slats half


  • Unique slat stacking system and concealed fixings for a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing assembled product
  • Various slat sizes available including 38mm, 65mm and 100mm heights
  • Genuine 67mm elliptical louvre blade option with dedicated End Cap adaptors. Blades overlap at a 140°angle / 50mm pitch providing privacy and ventilation
  • Dedicated 10mm and 20mm Stacking Spacers to achieve desired slat spacing
  • Universal Privacy Screen Adaptor extrusion fits to any secured surface, enabling the slat system to be attached to any timber, brickwork or aluminium structure, where a privacy screen is required. Teamed with aluminium surround frames to create custom panel modules and gates.
  • Dedicated End Caps for the Privacy Screen Adaptor extrusion functions to capture the stacked slats and neaten the final appearance of the assembly
  • Spacer Support Tool available to assist with manufacture
  • Dedicated components are available to achieve square and mitre cut joints for surround framing.
  • Dedicated End Caps for terminating 50mm x 50mm posts, creating a professional finish
  • Self drilling fixings specific for slat assembly requiring no pre-drilling
  • Privacy Screen Components produced in a durable UV stabilised material for long life
  • Various slat and louvre finishing options including anodised, powder-coated colours and timber look
  • Pattern Stacking is possible using different height slats or by adding the look of louvres to top off your Privacy Screen.


Amplimesh® Privacy Screens are designed to be customisable. With a variety of blade types and a wide variety of colours available, you can tailor your screens to match any architecture or landscaping. Make your space personal so you can enjoy your personal space. Privacy screens are the perfect accompaniment to your security doors and windows

Amplimesh® recommends Interpon® Powder Coatings to protect and decorate the range of security products.

38mm slats
65mm slats
67mm elliptical slats
100mm slats
Make It Yours Privacy screens black and grey