Energy & UV

April 5, 2022

(Tested under the Window Energy Rating Scheme)

Screens are a useful tool to give a home Natural Cross Flow Ventilation and keep air-con costs down but they can also reduce solar heat and UV light out during summer periods, and help reduce heat loss during winter. The Window Energy Rating Scheme also known as ‘WERS’ independently tests the reduction in solar heat and damaging UV light across a range of typical glazed scenarios found in windows at Australian residences.

SupaScreen – Folding Doors
SupaScreen – Fixed Windows
SupaScreen – Sliding Windows
SupaScreen – Sliding Doors
SupaScreen – Hinged Doors
IntrudaGuard – Folding Doors
IntrudaGuard – Fixed Windows
IntrudaGuard – Sliding Doors
Intrudaguard – Sliding Windows
IntrudaGuard – Hinged Doors
PrivacyGuard – Sliding Windows
PrivacyGuard – Fixed Windows
PrivacyGuard – Sliding Doors
PrivacyGuard – Folding Doors
PrivacyGuard – Hinged Doors
Diamond Grille – Fixed Windows
Diamond Grille – Sliding Doors
Diamond Grille – Hinged Doors